June 20, 2023

Waterford Plaza has long been a favourite of students from neighbouring Curtin University, but with the increasing number of residents moving to Karawara and the surrounding suburbs, the community’s needs so to have been evolving.  

Changes in the way people shop, the impact of the pandemic and the evolving needs of the local community have helped shape a contemporary new vision for Waterford Plaza shopping centre in Karawara.

The first stage is a multi-million-dollar redevelopment of the centre’s High Street precinct into a vibrant community-oriented space, brimming with cafes, restaurants, and outdoor dining options that will inject color and vitality.

To meet the needs of the diverse demographic who visit the centre, we will be focusing on two key initiatives:

  • Designing for the community; and
  • Precinct activation

Turning the High Street into a single-lane, one-way street will create a much calmer, more pedestrian-friendly space and every detail of the road design has been carefully thought about with safety in mind. 

The revitalised Waterford Plaza will feature a mix of rustic-urban materials for a more organic and authentically local look and feel over the standard finishes more commonly seen in many shopping centres, and will include pieces curated from the extensive public art program commissioned especially for the project, adding to the centre’s vibrancy.

In addition, we are also rewarding the customer experience with a suite of new tenants plus enhanced wifi and wireless charging capabilities.