Based in Western Australia, Sirona Urban is a multi-award winning property business focused on city centre urban regeneration. We specialise in developing living, hotel, office, retail and social infrastructure assets.

We are Sirona Urban.

Since our founding in 2010, we have grown to become one of WA’s leading real estate developers.

We have left our mark on some of the state’s most iconic projects, including major mixed-use developments incorporating residential, retail, commercial office spaces and hotels. We have also been influential change-makers in the urban renewal of Fremantle, bringing to life a new metropolitan vision for Perth’s historic port city. Building on these successes, Sirona is well positioned to continue to deliver an exciting mix of built form projects across Western Australia.

Sirona’s enviable track record is founded on a unique combination of project ideation, exceptional delivery and large-scale construction. Each of our projects is informed by decades of experience in major Australian and international markets. This expertise allows us to develop even the most complex projects, earning us a reputation as specialists in visionary, one-of-a-kind developments.



Each Sirona Urban project represents the pinnacle of Australian talent in design, town planning and construction.

Sirona brings together the best people in the industry to deliver standout projects that set new benchmarks in property development. Our experience allows us to deliver on even the most ambitious concepts with confidence.

We measure the success of a project in how well it balances all of these factors; it must bring something of value to all stakeholders.

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Place + Community

Every Sirona Urban project is built around community.

At its heart, property development is about building spaces for people. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our projects bring real value to people’s lives – as their workplaces, public spaces or the homes they live in.

We are partners in all our working relationships. We build trust and work for mutual benefit with all stakeholders, whether they are government, communities, builders, consultants or investors.

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