Place + Community

Every Sirona Urban project is built around place + community, and our three community commitments are how we put this principle into action.

These commitments ensure that what we do contributes meaningfully to every community we work with. They are the basis for the numerous initiatives we have fostered, which have matured in their own right to help improve communities across Western Australia.

At its heart, property development is about building places and spaces for people. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our projects bring real value to people’s lives – as workplaces, public spaces or the homes they live in.

1. We value social outcomes

We measure the value of each project in social and community terms, as well as its profitability. Our focus on urban regeneration is a reflection of this commitment.

2. We challenge convention

We find solutions outside the norm and we are not afraid to take risks in the pursuit of community goals. We distinguish ourselves with ambitious concepts that set new benchmarks.

3. We work in partnership

We bring organisations together to create solutions. We build trust and work for mutual benefit with all stakeholders, with government, communities, builders, contractors and investors.

Community Initiatives

We are proud to deliver projects that bring real value to people’s lives. This is how we have done just that.

20 Lives 20 Homes

20 Lives 20 Homes is based on the highly successful 50 Live 50 Homes collective impact project. The initiative aims to house and support 20 of the most vulnerable street-present homeless people in Fremantle.

20 Live 20 Homes asserts that people experiencing homelessness are better able to achieve long term positive outcomes from the stability of a home. The program provides homeless people with the housing and support services they need to build solid foundations for a better future. This ‘housing-first’ approach aims to create a permanent pathway out of homelessness.

The initiative is a collaboration between Ruah, St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, Foundation Housing and the Department of Communities, with generous support from a number of private sector organisations, led by Sirona.

Together Mural

TOGETHER is public art on a massive scale, created as part of the renewal of King’s Square. Designed as a symbol of hope and solidarity, it is spelled out across a quarter-hectare of the King’s Square carpark façade.

World-renowned artist Morag Myerscough was commissioned to conceptualise and deliver the project, her first permanent artwork in Australia. The piece was inspired by the people who use and work in the building every day, particularly the Department of Communities, who are the principal tenants.

Best viewed from Monument Hill, TOGETHER is the biggest façade mural in the metro area. Its bright colours and grand scale have made it a standout feature of the Fremantle streetscape, embraced by locals and visitors alike.

Commissioned just before the onset of COVID-19, the façade took on new significance as the community faced the challenges of staying safe during the pandemic.

Many 6160

Many 6160 revitalised the disused Fremantle Myer building prior to redevelopment as part of the Kings Square project.

Active from 2013-2017, Many 6160 was conceived and driven by Sirona CEO Matthew McNeilly in conjunction with Spacemarket. The project was the biggest temporary space activation in Australia, with 12,500 sqm of floor space reactivated as retail, maker, studio, gallery and events space for local brands and creatives. At its peak, the project housed over 120 tenants across three floors.

Designed as an interim use of the space for the community, the project made lasting social impact. Many 6160 reduced crime in the area, deterred vandalism and incubated local businesses. It is also estimated to have contributed tenfold economic benefit into the community; every dollar spent on the project was repaid 10 times over back into the Fremantle community during its lifespan.

FOMO Freo Colour

The FOMO precinct is designed to reimagine the traditional approach to retail. With a focus on experiential attractions, it positions retail spaces as places for community.

Created in partnership with local artists Anya Brock and David Spencer, FOMO Freo Colour invited the community to come and share their passion for Fremantle with their own artworks. Five of these community artworks were selected to feature in future marketing material for FOMO.

FOMO Freo Colour was the essence of the FOMO redevelopment project vision; a brand built by the community for the community. It brought the locals together around a space that was a big part of their lives, and allowed them to make it their own. As the first step in bringing the FOMO precinct to life, the program succeeded in its goal of reflecting the local identity and uniting Fremantle’s past with its exciting future.


PUBLIC is a public art program based on the concept of creativity as a public good. It brings leading international artists together with local talent to enliven key public spaces with artworks and creative events.

The initiative was developed by FORM, a not-for-profit organisation that fosters creative excellence in the pursuit of community transformation and cultural development.

As a major sponsor for PUBLIC2015 and the PUBLIC Symposium in Perth, Sirona donated three walls to the project; two at the old Fremantle Myer building and one at Adelaide Street Plaza. These public spaces were transformed with street art, projections, installations, and events for the community to enjoy.

Night Hoops

Night Hoops is a free basketball inclusion program designed to engage local at-risk youth. It provides a safe, positive, and fun environment centred around team basketball and urban sporting culture.

Run largely by volunteers, Night Hoops uses basketball and sport as a way to reach young people. It diverts at-risk youth from antisocial and risky behaviour with a program of structured games, training and skills workshops, as well as a meal. Beyond sport and diversion, Night Hoops has proved to offer an environment for young people to experience inclusion and develop social skills, as well as providing a place for families and communities to come together.

Founded with a single tournament in 2014, the initiative now runs at numerous community recreation centres across Perth.

Inaugural Falls Downtown Festival 2017

Falls Downtown was the Falls Festival’s first visit to WA. The ambitious festival program was realised with the collaboration of organisations across local government, businesses, services and the community.

The two-day event transformed the historically under-utilised Kings Square into a world-class festival precinct. Two main stages were accompanied by the Old Time Music Hall (Fremantle Town Hall), the Church of Heavenly Delights (St John’s Anglican Church) and the Danceteria (downstairs in the old Myer building). Artists included London Grammar, Dua Lipa, The Jezabels, Grandmaster Flash and Matt Corby.

The success of Falls Downtown established the festival as an annual event and paved the way for other similar events to add WA to their touring itineraries.

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