December 1, 2021

The 20 Lives, 20 Homes initiative is the beginning of change for vulnerable people in Fremantle.

As the renewal of Fremantle began, the Walyalup Koort (formerly Kings Square) redevelopment commenced and 2019 came to a close, there was a pressing issue that needed to be addressed: vulnerable and rough sleepers in Fremantle.

Having taken inspiration from the incredibly successful 50 Lives, 50 Homes model, we worked In partnership with the City of Fremantle, the West Australian State Government, and RUAH Community Services to launch 20 Lives, 20 Homes.

As a leader in private sector fund raising, our vision and experience allowed us to bring together a number of private sector philanthropists to seed fund this program, aiming to helping the most vulnerable people find a home.

The success of this trial program has now garnered ongoing support from the City of Fremantle. Fremantle Mayor, Hannah Fitzhardinge, has committed to a three-year Homelessness Action Plan which is designed to focus on evidence-based approaches, such as 20 Lives, 20 Homes, to make a positive impact on homelessness.

In line with the original objective, the baton has now been passed to RUAH Community Services; the leaders in supporting disadvantaged people to create positive change in their lives. By establishing the evidence required through seed funding, we were able to demonstrate that this program truly creates change. RUAH now manages the 20 Lives, 20 Homes program with State Government funding.

By bringing this initiative to life, we have been able to change the lives of 22 vulnerable people sleeping rough in Fremantle and drive change in one of our favourite parts of Perth: Fremantle.